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Gear List provided for "A" room only. "B" room list available on request.


Neotek Elite 64 channel (incl 12 stereo channels)--total of 128 inputs. Console automation has been modified to run from Pro Tools. Birdland believes it is unique in this regard, finally the best of both worlds--ProTools functions in tandem with pure analogue automation! Both, Protools and the console automation are saved in the same Protools session!


Amazingly accurate at any volume, the Daniel Desiere designed custom 4-way large monitors (incl 2 x 15"), featuring time aligned, true linearity at any SPL (including "mega loud!"). High damping in the design of the amp and speakers render a low end accurate enough to discern subtle tonal nuances. Room acoustics have been specifically designed around these monitors for optimum response. Near fields are a choice of Dynaudio BM15's, Tannoys and NS 10's.

Tape Machines

MCI JH 16 -- 2 " 24 track with transformers, 1'' Tascam 24 track, Pro Tools HD4 32 i/o with Lynx Aurora converters and 2x Alesis HDXR 24 tracks which can be synced for 48 track lock up. All machines can be synchronised via Adams Smith Zeta III for mega track projects utilising the best of both worlds (analogue and digital--with full suite of the latest plug ins).

Pre Amps

2 x original Neve 1073, 2 x Langevin vintage all discrete Class A with incredible Pultec like EQ , 4 x Sebatron VMP valve featuring "air boost", 2 x vintage Byer 77 valve pres with DI inputs, 2 x Ward Beck vintage pre's (Canadian "Neves"), several custom pres as well as 2 large sidecars filled with Harrison 32 series (each module is transformer in and out!)

Pre amps


Al Smart C2, EMT 156 (rare mastering grade limiter) Urei 1176 x 2 (incl rare Blue Stripe model), Urei/Teletronix LA3A x 2, Urei LA 4 x 2, Urei 7110 limiter/compressor x 3, Empirical Labs EL8+ Distressor with link and British mod, Inovonics 201, Spectrasonics (rare), Joe Meek SC1 stereo opto compressor, 2 x Combinator analogue stereo multiband compressor, DBX 160 VU, Aphex Compellor, RNC,etc

Pre amps

FX and Misc

Lexicon PCM 70, Lexicon ALX, 2 x Ensoniq DP4 4 way parallel FX, Eventide H949 classic harmoniser delay, Yamaha Rex 50 (SPX 90), Orban stereo 4 band parametric EQ, Custom Mascot Para EQ, Drawmer DS201 x 6, Behringer Pro gates x 4, De-esser x 4, Pro denoiser (8 channel). Korg DRM 1, Nobells SST guitar FX, Ibanez multi patcher, Opcode 64 XTC synchronizer, Adams Smith Zeta III synchronizer, Behringer V amp module, several guitar pedals and custom FX etc.

Pre amps


Neumann M49, Neumann U87, Audio Technica 4030 x 2, Shure SM7, EV RE 20, AKG Solid Tube (Valve), AKG C1000, AKG D112, AKG D190, Senheiser 421 x 6, Shure 57 x 4, Crown PZM x 2, Reslo Ribbon, Coles 4038 Ribbon, condensers by Schoeps and Oktava etc.

Guitars, Amps, etc

61 JazzMaster, 72 Les paul, Tele's, Rickies, Steel and Nylon string acoustics, lots of FX pedals, amps such as Marshall, Vox AC30, Fender Princeton etc.


The world's fussiest ears have for years declared the Neotek Elite to be the best sounding console in the world, regularly preferred over Neve and SSL for it's sound, performance and flexibility. Since the beginning of 2007, Birdland boasts the country's only high end Neotek Elite of this size, originally designed for use in a famous TV station abroad. People like Steve Albini have long championed this console and have helped this Chicago company win much deserved acclaim throughout the world. A while ago in a famous article by a well known British tech journal, the world's best consoles were gathered at a huge location over a number of days where specially chosen engineers adjudged the Neotek Elite to be the best sounding console, winning in all parameters. In the field were also Neve, SSL, Trident and Harrison among others.


Mixing projects from the outside world (either other studios or "home" studios) has become a house specialty. It's truly amazing how much better recordings sound when brought through high end converters into the Neotek Elite console and then processed with high end analogue compressors, eq and effects. Also, Birdland can offer analogue recalls faster and more accurately than any analogue studio in the country ....... call to find out how!


Mastering has become another house specialty, with 15 years experience, Birdland consistently outstrips the "big boys" in this department and now offers this service to bands who have completed their recordings elsewhere. The huge sounding monitors are also a perfect way to check "club" mixes without the limitations usually imposed by the smaller dimensions of most mastering suites. Not happy with mastering you've done elsewhere? Bring in your project for an obligation free re-assessment.

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